Which is the best MBA in Madrid?

Business training par excellence is written with its own name: Master in Business Administration and Management. MBAs have become one of the most demanded specialized masters not only by professionals seeking to improve their employability, but also by companies that require qualified personnel to meet the new challenges of an increasingly competitive and digitized market.

Studying an MBA (Master in Business Administration) can be a real qualitative leap in the career of entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to reach positions of responsibility within corporations or even direct their own business project. In fact, according to some statistics, employability rates among MBA students are around 90%.

One of the greatest uncertainties faced by professionals seeking a Master in Business Administration is knowing how to choose the best training option. The truth is that the MBA offer can be overwhelming. The alternatives are extensive in both face-to-face and blended or online.

In order to help you in your decision, we would like to introduce you to one of the best MBAs in Madrid according to the opinions and experiences expressed by the participants who have already boosted their professional careers thanks to this training. This is the Executive MBA of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.


When it comes to opting for one type of training or another, it is necessary to reflect on all the virtues that accompany a Master’s degree. In the case of the Executive MBA of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce we can highlight 6 characteristics that make it a superior quality training.


Offering a first-rate training programme is only possible if it is led by a team of prestigious teachers. Among the faculty of the Executive MBA of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce are prominent personalities from the economic, financial and business world such as José María O´kean, one of the most prestigious economists in Spain, author of various books on economics who regularly collaborates in various television and radio programs; Isabel Aguilera, Independent Advisor in large corporations such as Indra or BMN; Pedro J. Ramírez, one of the most important journalists in our country, a regular contributor to numerous TV and radio programmes, who was founder and director of the newspaper El Mundo and later of El Español; Mario Weitz, economist at the World Bank and the IMF; Manuel Pimentel, former Minister of Labour and member of the Mayoral Council; or Jacobo Pedrosa Rey-Daviña, Deputy Director of Investments at INI.

In addition to the teachers’ long professional careers, there is their exceptional pedagogical capacity, which is essential for transmitting knowledge to students effectively. Undoubtedly, this training is up to the current business reality and is ahead of that offered by many of the Business Schools in the capital.


Today’s business corporations need skilled professionals to meet the requirements of a global market where competition is fierce. Achieving this ability is not possible only through theoretical knowledge.

The integral formation of the student must inevitably go through practice. This is one of the great strengths of the Executive MBA of the Chamber of Madrid, whose program is based on the methodology of the case.

This active teaching strategy, originally from Harvard University, shows students practical cases that they themselves must evaluate, analyze and solve by applying the theoretical knowledge acquired.

In this way, the participants of the Master are directly confronted with the real situations and problems of the companies. These challenges sharpen the students’ knowledge and skills, as well as reinforcing their analysis, strategy, management and leadership skills, which are so vital in the business context.


Being able to interact live and in the same physical space with both your Master’s classmates and with the faculty that provide the training is one of the great advantages of the MBA developed by the Training Centre of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. This is something that a master’s degree that is only taught online or at a distance cannot offer you. In addition, the timetable is fully compatible with the work activity.

To rub shoulders with other professionals in the business sector and to generate valuable relationships will help you to enrich yourself at both a training and personal level. In this way, you will be able to feel firsthand the power that professional contacts and networking offer in a business career.


quality training doesn’t have to be expensive. The Executive Master of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce is a true reflection of this reality. The philosophy behind this institution is based on the promotion of Madrid’s business fabric, and as a non-profit entity, it can afford to offer the MBA at an affordable price.

On the other hand, given the physical and administrative infrastructure of the Chamber itself, maintenance and management costs do not fall on the students, something that does happen in other MBAs of Business Schools.


Behind the Executive MBA is the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, an institution backed at state and European level, and noted for its high level of education both nationally and internationally.

The Madrid Chamber of Commerce is in direct contact with the leading companies and corporations in the territory, helping and advising on their development and growth. This relationship allows it to keep abreast of all current events and constantly adapt the training program to respond to current and future market needs.


Students who participate in the Executive MBA of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and are unemployed can benefit from parallel programmes developed by the training institution itself. These are the Professional Activation Plan and the Business Impulse Plan.

The final objective of these two initiatives is to promote and accelerate the student’s insertion into the labour market. Professional advice and guidance are two key ingredients in both plans. The participant receives help in essential aspects such as the elaboration of a professional curriculum or the preparation of a job interview.

In the same way, the Impulse Plan includes actions aimed at encouraging the student’s entrepreneurship, such as advice on financing and private investments. Without a doubt, the Executive MBA in Madrid is one of the best training options available. The Madrid Chamber of Commerce offers an opportunity to live a transforming experience capable of leading you to the personal and professional recognition you have always longed for.

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